Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Board of Director Meeting
5701 Meadowbrook Drive, Fort Worth 76112 Scheduled

Minutes presented for the September Board Meeting (Garners)

Minutes presented for September 27th Board meeting (Dixie House)                                                                                         


Financial Business:

·        September, 2018 presented by Rody Ryon

·        2018-2019 Business:   Patsy Garner



Membership report:  (Past President Stewart report of 2017-2018)

2018-2019 Beginning Membership:  

·        Membership Drive Options – (Membership applications)

o   October 13th – tailgating & float event prior to Homecoming (simple float with a car and using our club banner – members to come out and walk in Optimist attire..  

o   October 19th (EHHS Homecoming)  - possibly set up tailgating?


Website & email update:   (Stewart McKenzie, Website manager)

Website address:          

Email address:              

Fly-the-flag email address:


2017-2018 Awards Banquet & Installation – Charles Hodges Update: Oct. 11 Shady Valley CC, Jill Rodgers handling installation of officers


Golf tournament – October 29, 2018  Update by Chair Tim Bicknell

Handleyfest is October 13th?  


Flag Program:   Flag Program updates by B.Schwennsen 


Programs: Charles Hodges Update for Oct. 11 (Oakridge), 19 (OI Pres Mona), 25 (TxDOT). Pending upcoming speakers include state of FWISD (Jackson), Sinsational Bakery (Sonjii Ward Jones), new FWISD Athletic Director Vesely.


School updates:   Diane Clark (JOI Chair)


Background Check Renewal:  CLICK THIS LINK: – Fill out fields under “Create a Volunteer Account.”

New club Sponsorships Update: 

      Patsy:   UT Dallas College Club – Charter October 19, 2018

      Jill:       New club update


November meeting – Nov. 13, location TBD                                Recite Optimist Creed – Meeting adjourn